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  Nation’s Leading Latino Civil Rights Organization Sends Congratulations and Urges Action on Key Issues Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today issued the following statement: Domingo Garcia - LULAC National President “On behalf of the League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC, I congratulate the Biden-Harris team on their victory and wish them both our warmest regards. We look forward to working with them on the important issues facing more than 60-million Latinos and our entire nation, first and foremost

BOLETAS POR CORREO - INFORMACIÓN IMPORTANTE Aconsejo a los que van a votar por correo que sigan una de las siguientes opciones, dado el tiempo limitado para enviar su boleta. Si no ha recibido su boleta de votación solicitada por correo, vote temprano en persona en cualquiera de los 61 lugares de votación anticipada en el Condado de Dallas. No espere a que su boleta llegue por correo. Hágale saber al secretario en la casilla de votación que está votando en persona porque su boleta

MAIL-IN BALLOTS IMPORTANT INFORMATION I would strongly advise those voting by mail to follow one of the below options given the limited time to mail in your ballots. If you have not received your requested mail ballot go vote early in person at any of the 61 early voting locations in Dallas County. Do not wait for your ballot to come by mail. Let the clerk at the polling location know you are voting in person because your mail ballot never arrived. Vote by 7PM

'Tu voto es su vos': 'Hey Chica' voting drive encourages Latinas to get out the vote Latina voters are mobilizing like never before. "Latinas are going to be one of the loudest voices in this election,” said Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia. Dallas County Latina leaders organized a get out the vote drive this week called “Hey Chica." "Hey Chica, come on out and vote. Tu voto es su vos. Come and be counted,” Garcia said. Read the full WFAA Channel 8 story here:

Get Out the Vote Initiative Targets Latina Voters “We ignited a campaign to say ‘hey girl, we see you. We want you to come out. We want to be here with you,’” said Veronica Torres Hazley, founder of Hey Chica! Movement. “We’re not picking parties. We just want you to come out and vote and show up. We want to have fun doing it. Sort of bringing sexy back to voting.” Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia was among the group of women encouraging Latinas

VOTE TEMPRANO ya que votar el día de las elecciones puede ser difícil debido a largas filas y la falta de trabajadores electorales. Este preparado y si es posible lleve su boleta de muestra ya completada para utilizar en su votación temprana. Para imprimir/ver su boleta de muestra, vaya a Transpórtese GRATIS en el autobús DART para ir a Votar en las Elecciones Generales Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) está proporcionando viajes gratuitos a lugares de votación en las área de servicio. Los

VOTE EARLY as voting on Election Day may be challenging due to long lines and fewer election workers. Be prepared and have your sample ballot completed to take with you on early voting. To print/view your sample ballot, go to Ride DART for FREE to Vote in the 2020 General Election Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is providing free trips to voting locations across the service area. Voters can ride at no charge on all DART bus, light rail, Dallas Streetcar, GoLink and

*Último día para registrarse para votar: 5 de octubre del 2020* La siguiente información es para que usted este preparado para emitir la boleta para sus candidatos locales y presidenciales. El último día para registrarse para votar en las próximas elecciones es el 5 de octubre del 2020. Fechas de Votación Temprana: 13 de octubre al 17 de octubre del 2020: (7AM – 7PM) 18 de octubre del 2020: (1PM – 6PM) 19 de octubre al 24 de octubre del 2020: (7AM – 7PM) 25

*Last Day to Register to Vote: October 5, 2020* As we prepare for the upcoming Joint Election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, I want to provide you with important information. The following information will make sure you are prepared to cast your ballot for your local and presidential candidates. As a reminder, the last day to register to vote for the upcoming election is October 5, 2020. Early Voting Dates: October 13, 2020 – October 17, 2020: (7AM – 7PM) October 18, 2020: (1PM – 6PM)

How time has flown by! We know this can be an exciting moment for all of our Dallas County residents and we want to ensure that you are prepared for this upcoming Democratic Party Election. Today, Tuesday, July 14, 2020 from 7AM - 7PM our Countywide Polling Locations will be assisting voters to cast ballots for this election. Please see the link below for a complete list of all polling locations in Dallas County. As a reminder, all Dallas County registered voters are free to


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