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Get Out the Vote Initiative Targets Latina Voters

Get Out the Vote Initiative Targets Latina Voters

“We ignited a campaign to say ‘hey girl, we see you. We want you to come out. We want to be here with you,’” said Veronica Torres Hazley, founder of Hey Chica! Movement. “We’re not picking parties. We just want you to come out and vote and show up. We want to have fun doing it. Sort of bringing sexy back to voting.”

Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia was among the group of women encouraging Latinas to vote.

“It’s about education for our children,” said Garcia of the issues important to voters. “It’s about jobs. It’s about healthcare. It’s about equity in pay.”

While early voting numbers are surging across the nation and in North Texas, it’s not yet clear how decisive the Hispanic vote will be.

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