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You are invited to Uno Dos Tresfest, April 27

Uno Dos Tresfest is a celebration bridging art, culture and civil engagement in the heart of Oak Cliff. The Latino Voter Empowerment Coalition invites the community to get entertained, informed, and empowered to vote on the last Saturday of early voting.

This event is FREE.

• April 27th from 1:30pm to 5:30pm simultaneously at Mercado369 and at The Texas Theater in Oak Cliff (walking distance of each other).

Art Contest winners announced at 4:30pm at Mercado369. Details about how to enter the contest will be present on our site on Monday, 4-1-19.

Vehicles will be waiting near the venues to take people to the polls throughout the event. Once you’ve voted, we can take you straight back to the venues. Polls will be closing at 7pm.


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