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Elba Garcia

Why ‘Don’t drink, then drive’ means more this year

‘Don’t drink, then drive,’ is good advice in any year, and at any time of the year.

But it is especially important for Dallas County residents this holiday season. That’s because the county’s recent population growth has added many more drivers to our streets and freeways.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in just the past two years, Dallas County has added about 60,000 residents, and DFW has added more than 200,000. Many of those new residents are transplants from other states, and countries.

So, not only will there be many more people behind the wheel this holiday season. There also will be many more drivers than before who aren’t fully familiar with our streets and highways.

There’s yet another way the issue of drunk driving is different this year. We have more shared-ride, and mass-transit, options in Dallas County than we did just a couple of years ago. That means we have more opportunities than we did before to avoid driving drunk.

As the county’s DWI Taskforce Chair, I am pleased to have spearheaded an effort to expand our local campaign against drunk driving to five counties in and around Dallas-Fort Worth. The 5 Counties – 1 Goal initiative strives to reduce the accidents, injuries and deaths caused each year by people driving after they’ve become impaired or intoxicated. You can learn more about this important effort, and the #whatalcoholsays campaign, on the Dallas County DWI Task Force Facebook page.

Alcohol, wintry weather and slick streets can be a deadly combination. So, I urge all Dallas County residents to be especially cautious behind the wheel this holiday season. By all means, enjoy the season’s festivities. But, please, never drink then drive.

That way, when 2018 arrives, we can all genuinely approach it as a ‘Happy New Year.’

En estas fiestas decembrinas, cuando pedimos ALEGRIA Y PAZ,
No tomen decisiones equivocadas que traigan algo más,
Como accidentes, cárcel y deudas por tomar y manejar.
Disfruten con sus seres queridos la buena comida, el baile y el feliz ambiente
Pero por favor no olvide este consejo: SI TOMA, NO MANEJE!


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