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Elba Garcia

Su voto cuenta. Your vote counts.

Su voto cuenta. Your vote counts.

So many residents of Dallas County tell me they are tired.

You work and work and feel like you never get ahead. You’re tired of seeing your children’s schools receive fewer resources every year.

I understand.

You tell me you cannot bear what is going on with our immigration system and how our Dreamers do not have a solid future.

You know what is happening on the Mexican border. You have seen the families being separated and children put in cages.

These acts tear our hearts and wear on us all. This is not a great America. This is a sad and frightened America.

So what do we do?

We pick ourselves up and we vote. We vote early through November 2 or we vote on Election Day, November 6. We no longer stand back and let sad and frightened people be elected. We stand up and let our voice be heard all the way to the State House in Austin and to the halls of Congress in Washington, DC.

It is time. Su voto cuenta. Your vote counts.

Dr. Elba Garcia
Dr. Elba Garcia
Dallas County Commissioner, District 4


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