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Elba Garcia

Please Donate for Further Progress

Please Donate for Further Progress

I am so honored to serve as the commissioner for Dallas County District 4. I hope you feel my efforts to ensure all the people of this district have convenient access to county services have been successful.

If so, please consider a donation to my official campaign here. Any contribution amount is welcome.


In recent weeks, I have led the following initiatives:

We conducted the first public meeting about the $18.8 million improvement of Camp Wisdom Road. This project will make it much easier for residents of southwest Dallas County to travel between Oak Cliff and Grand Prairie.

Under my supervision, the retrofitting of Dallas County’s administrative offices and courts is on time and within budget. Soon, Dallas County residents will be able to take care of all their business with the county in a modernized, streamlined center in downtown Dallas.

I am gratified we on the Commissioners Court have approved the establishment of voting centers across Dallas County. This means on Election Day, you will no longer have to vote at the polling location connected to your precinct. This should make voting easier and more convenient for so many Dallas residents.

Sometime this summer, I will help cut the ribbon on a long-awaited expansion of the Northaven Trail in northwest Dallas County. Our collaboration with the City of Dallas and other governmental agencies will finally result in a contiguous east-west trail connecting the White Rock Creek Trail in northeast Dallas to the Elm Fork Athletic Complex in far northwest Dallas.

I remain committed to improving the quality of life for every resident of Dallas County and making the county’s decision-making process as transparent as possible.

Thank you, again, for whatever donation you can make to my campaign, so I can continue these efforts over the months to come. Adelante!

Dr. Elba Garcia
Dr. Elba Garcia
Dallas County Commissioner, District 4


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