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Hiring For Election Day – Apply By November 1st

Countywide Vote Centers are here instead of having to go vote at your specific precinct in Election Day, voters in Dallas County can go vote at any location they wish – just like during early voting. Click here to watch the video for details.
We are currently hiring workers on Election Day as Election Judges, Alternate Judges and Clerks. Commissioner Garcia has passed a pay increase through the Commissioners Court for Election Day workers. Election Judges will now be paid $18 per hour and Alternate Judges and Clerks will receive $16 per hour. The deadline is Friday, November 1st to apply!
Anyone who is interested in serving as an Election Judge, Alternate Judge, or Clerk in this election or upcoming elections in 2020, should contact Jean Ball at the Dallas County Democratic Party. The phone number to apply is 214-821-8331 or you can contact via email at Once again, you must apply by November 1st, 2019.

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