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Please make your voice heard

Vote Early

Starting Tuesday, Feb. 20, you can vote early for the candidates who best reflect your values, for the candidates you think are most likely to make your priorities their priorities while serving in office.

Recently, we’ve seen the women’s movement make great strides in demanding fairness in the workplace. We’ve seen the fate of our Dreamers become more and more uncertain. And, we’ve sadly seen even more mass shootings taking the lives of our fellow Americans.

We either close our eyes to what’s happening. Or, we stand up as a society and through our voting insist that our elected leaders pass legislation that makes us a more caring society and narrows the gulfs that divide us.

Here is the information you need to participate in early voting:

(Note that EVERY registered voter in Dallas County can vote at ANY early-voting location)

When I cast my votes, I ask myself which candidate is the one most likely to mirror the values I try to bring to public office. Will they fulfill the promises they make during a campaign? Will they hold themselves accountable to those who elect them to office? Will they be accessible when a constituent needs their help?

Some of us will throw up our hands, believing the process is too complicated or their vote will not matter. But I believe this is our chance to rise above our fears. To become educated voters who see through the negative campaign rhetoric to discover the truth about those who want out votes. To rise above our tendency to let others do our patriotic responsibility for us.

Early voting runs from Tuesday, Feb. 20 until Friday, March 2. The primaries are Tuesday, March 6. Please make your voice heard during this election season. There’s just too much at stake not to.


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