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Elba Garcia

Message from Dr. Elba Garcia

Friends and Neighbors, as I wrap up my seventh year as County Commissioner for District 4, excitement still lingers about all that we have accomplished and all the opportunities that the future holds for us in Dallas County.

In the Commissioners Court, we kicked off the 2017 fiscal year tackling critical infrastructure needs and pay disparities for County employees. This allows us to take care of our most valuable asset – our workforce. These items were addressed with no increase to the Dallas County tax rate, which remains unchanged at 24.3 cents per $100 valuation, one of the lowest in Texas.

Trails continue to grow as popular recreational amenities here in Dallas County with a few in the works for District 4.

Our Road & Bridge 4 crew has been busy with various road projects, such as the Cockrell Hill Street Program.

I’m also very excited to have helped bring the Home for Hounds program to fruition in Dallas County. It’s a fantastic project that allows inmates to gain a vocational skill and boosts adoption rates of animals.

Finally, the Records Building is currently undergoing the largest renovation in the history of Dallas County. Its historical façade will stay intact, while its interior will be modernized to house the Commissioners Court and other departments.

In addition to this project, Dallas County has spent $80 million over the past six years catching up with long overdue deferred maintenance in all County facilities.

There is still much to do and with your support we can accomplish anything here in Dallas County. We will remain a community that welcomes all and discriminates against none.

Dallas County continues to be at the forefront of county government leadership and we will continue to make decisions with the best interests of our constituents in mind.


Dr. Elba Garcia


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