Dr. Elba Garcia, Dallas County Commissioner - District 4
Not a loss. Not a victory. An opportunity.

I have never been very fond of the day after a big election.


If one finds oneself on the losing side, that day can feel dark and demoralizing. And if one is victorious, our joy is often tempered by the knowledge there remains a great deal of work to be done.


Regardless of an election's outcome, it is normal for us to feel unsure as to what lies ahead, which first steps we should take.


But I actually believe the path before us is clear: we must move forward to make this nation a place in which all people feel welcomed and honored, a place in which all families can prosper and thrive.


That means we must truly listen to one another and respect the perspectives of others – even if we strongly disagree with what's being said. It means we must value hope more than fear and connectedness more than divisiveness.


And it means we must acknowledge that the diversity in our great land is not just what has carried our nation to where it is today, but also what will be the most essential ingredient to our becoming an even greater country in the future.


I hope you'll join me in viewing this day – and the days ahead – not in terms of victory or loss but in terms of opportunity. A rare opportunity we've been given to first define what a better America for all might look like, then move forward to make that definition a reality.


Dr. Elba Garcia, Dallas County Commissioner - District 4
Dr. Elba Garcia
Dallas County Commissioner - District 4


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